Vanesa Wild

I am a good sex teacher and deep throat expert

I am a Single lady looking for wild men at least wild as me, I love to be honest so if you treat me well/nice I will always be sincere to you. I am 45 years young, a sexy MILF in the prime of her life. And oh boy, I learned about life. Many times I have lost my heart to a man who was going to steal all my emotions and feelings away. Since 2013 I am active as a webcam model, I love to explore myself and others while being naked and talking in all freedom about subjects that are nice to talk about. I have a large experience in pleasuring myself and others, I am no stranger to a pulsating cock that slides inside of me and makes me cum! My personality is gentle and soft, I care for people, I get easily attached to guys who are nice and open and honest with me. It makes me understand them better and I will have no problems then finding out what you really like. Would you love to strip down naked and show me your dick and make me wet? I am a sucker for cocks, I simply love them cause they make me feel complete! I have a lot of Fetish Kinks and you are more than welcome to explore them with me. I do not judge, my goal is to pleasure you and see you come back running to me when you need more release and feel a desire burning for me. I am Vanesa, and I am a sexy MILF and I am Single! What the hell are you waiting for! Come to my room and let us explore all the beauty that nature has given to us. I would love to let you discover the perfect mature woman

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