Thousands of models are searching every day for new opportunities to increase their earnings and revenues. This is not an easy task, many sites come and go in the last years, and the big box cam sites are oversaturated with traffic that is not enticed anymore to spend high amounts of privates. While models are eager to increase earnings, trying a new live cam platform comes with the risks. Deleted accounts, Delayed Payments or no payment at all. Chargebacks and the wrong traffic, untargeted and unproductive. This is going to be a thing of the past with SoulCams.

Reviewed as Top Live Cam Platform!

SoulCam is a game changer and has proven to be a stable and reliable portal with a support team that responds instantly on requests from her users. The site has a very easy navigation setup, and this decreases the click flow (amount of clicks a surfer has to make to find his model) and creates at the same time a more efficient experience for the surfer who wishes to find a favorite model in a fast and easy way. Most sites handle a 4-click flow, and this decreases the model earnings on the long run. SoulCams has taken this in consideration and has created simplicity and visual entertainment in 1 complete home page. The models on SoulCams are happy cammers. We have not found any negative review in all the big cam girl forums and model hangouts.

Great User Experience

The Model page looks incredibly clean and is very easy on the eye. All info is compactly placed and the chatbox is placed in the bio profile. A very clean chatbox as we may say so, it is not filled with freeloaders, this is because SoulCams only delivers targeted traffic from Media Platforms specialized in Live Cam Traffic, in this case we agree that it is better to have 1 bird in the hand instead of 10 in the air. You can also easily switch from 1 online model to the next one, by using the NEXT button placed in the right upper corner, this increases the visibility intensely and it gives the surfer a smooth and easy user experience.

Members can feel important again!

SoulCams gives members the option for a very small fee to become a VIP member, this will give the surfer more visibility in the room and the model will know that this person is a serious spender and wants the attention he deserves.

Studios have high demands

For studios, this is an excellent platform to offer to your models. It is compatible with the way studios work, but even better, because their staff is very responsive they can act on any request from a studio promptly, and you will find that the experts of SoulCams know how to help you in a pleasant way. Support is a must, response time is more than a must, and this is what prides SoulCams, a personal approach. Studios demand on-time payments and preferable in various ways, also here you are covered!

Watch your model from anywhere

SoulCams Mobile is an excellent way for the member to stay in touch with his favorite model from anywhere possible. They provide a flawless mobile experience. This is for the models a really great bonus, their members will have more ability to stay in touch and this can increase earnings drastically. This is a upsell guarantee for the model and makes her work more enjoyable.

Awards and Bonuses.

Like no other, SoulCams understands that stimulants for models are very important. They have constructed a very profitable and stimulating package of extra earnings for their models.

  • $300 Member referral bonus
  • +20% Lifetime Member Referral
  • $50 +10% model Referral bonus
  • $1700 in Model Awards every month
  • $1000 Model Loyalty Bonus.

And there is more, you can actually speak with the SoulCams team personally if you have a online social media fanbase. They are happy to offer you help to convert your followers and fans into spending members. This increases your earnings drastically and you will see more money come back from your online social media presence.

Recognized by The AWMS Live Cam Webmasters

As you may know, our online Affiliates connected to AWMS-Network are critical and always try to improve the websites they are sending traffic too. With SoulCams we have created very impressive results, and we have found no errors on the website. The payments are like clockwise, and there is prompt support on the channels they are having. They are very aware that trust and perfect service are key to run a good live cam platform, we have A+’ed them on all the areas, we are more than confident models and studios will have a great experience with SoulCams and her team!

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