Luxie Bridges

I am trying to be a people pleaser

However, that not always works out. Some people are not easy to please. I am Bridget, a sexy blonde lady, I am fairly new to appearing online and it has opened my eyes in so many ways. I have always tried to please people and make them feel better. But sometimes you find out you can not please everyone. Some people are just enjoying to be rude or vulgar and this made me very sad many times. In my room, however, I make out the rules, so when you are rude and nasty to me without any reason I will not answer you or speak to you. A few nice words are not that difficult. It is not like I see your face and can see that you are lying, but who has been hurt with a nice compliment? I have a very versatile open mind regarding sex. I am aware people have needs and sometimes developed a certain fantasy or idea how sex should be. But in many cases, it is for both of us new, especially when you meet each other online for the 1st time. I am inviting you to get to know me, it is free, no need to pay to see me in my cam room. However, for a one on one time we have to go into private, and there anything is possible! I have a pleasurable body and nice sexy tits, and I smile for you when you are able to speak to me from the heart!

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