Louise Kay

I can teach you to be my boy toy

I’m Louise, a mature brunette amazon woman with a very intelligent mind and a sophisticated taste for life and all she has to offer. My mindset is to pleasure and receive. I have been raised with certain morals and rules in life. Everything has to come from 2 sides. I know thousands of people will visit my room, but I only want to talk to those who have a weakness for a strong woman who knows how to lead and take control. I admire a man who knows how to speak to a lady, this impression I mostly get in the first 10 seconds of our introduction. I urge you to be yourself and do not pretend to be anyone who you are not. You are paying for your time with me, make it worth something. I can speak with you about your sexual experiences and bring you on a journey where you can learn from an experienced woman like me. I will teach you new tricks and tell you about the female secrets we have. You can learn a lot from me. If you are young and still stupid and immature, then, by all means, try a session with me and I will show you how it is really done. My maturity and experience can be helpful. I am open to learning from you as well about your dark desires and hidden fantasies. Come to my room and tell me about yourself. I would like to know who you are!

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